“INTEGRARE” (Integrated genetic approaches in therapeutic discovery for rare diseases; UMR_S951) is a translational research unit issued from a partnership between Inserm the premier French public research institute on human health, the local University of EvryÉcole Pratique des Hautes Études and Genethon, a leading non-profit organization in biotherapy mandated by patients with rare diseases.


INTEGRARE is focused on the gene therapy of monogenic diseases such as myopathies, metabolic diseases, blood or immune disorders. Researchers study biological systems to design new gene-based therapies. They improve gene transfer and gene correction technologies with recombinant viral vectors (AAV and lentiviral vectors) or CRISPR/Cas9, and explore interactions between the host organism and recombinant viral gene therapy vectors. Researchers of the unit have made breakthrough discoveries in these areas. Projects are translated to the clinic through the Therapeutic Programs of Genethon.


At the academic level, INTEGRARE laboratories provide excellent training including access to state-of-the art facilities, world-wide networks of collaborators and multi-national teams of colleagues. INTEGRARE laboratories welcome highly-motivated students and collaborators, including interns and PhD students from the doctoral school SDSV of Evry/Paris Saclay University and from the doctoral school of EPHE


If you are interested in joining us, please consult our "Opportunities" section. 


Anne GALY, PhD                                                                 Fulvio MAVILIO, PhD

Director of INTEGRARE UMR_S951                                     Scientific Director, Genethon